What is Conveyancing?

Put simply, conveyancing is the transfer of property from an entity (company) or person to another person or entity. Advantage Conveyancing will guide you through each step of the conveyancing process. We will advise you on the conditions your contract should be subject to, so that as the purchaser, you will be properly protected. As an added protection, we peruse the Vendor’s Statement before you sign the contract, without you foregoing the cooling off period. We ensure that all sale documents are prepared correctly and that all obligations are explained to you, the vendor, so that a smooth transaction is the result.


To protect your interests, your contract should be subject to conditions such as:

  • A cooling off period
  • Subject to finance
  • Building inspection report
  • Pest inspection report

Consult us before signing a Contract of Sale.
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A Vendor has a legal obligation towards any prospective purchaser. 'Buyer beware' applies, however you must not intentionally mislead or withhold information about the property.

Advantage Conveyancing will run you through a check list, to ensure that all facets of the property are known before preparing the Vendor’s Statement. This document must be completed with care.
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First Home Buyers

Advantage Conveyancing has assisted many buyers to experience the smooth purchase of their first home. Buying your first home is of course a new experience. We make this easier for you by providing you with a comprehensive checklist of the tasks required to make this possible.

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